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Deciphering the complex interplay between mammary adipocytes and mammary epithelial cells

proposé par Christelle Cebo, Animal Genetics and Integrative Biology Unit, Functional Genomics and Mammary Gland Physiology Team, UMR GABI, INRA JOUY-EN-JOSAS

Projet de stage :

The mammary gland is a highly heterogeneous tissue. The stroma that surrounds epithelial cells in the mammary gland contains many other cell types including mammary adipocytes (MAC), endothelial cells, fibroblasts and immune cells. Epithelial-stromal interactions have been found to be essential during mammary gland development and several stromal factors have been demonstrated to directly mediate the crosstalk between epithelial and stromal cells . Studies focused on mammary adipocytes as key regulators of mammary gland development and function. Mammary fat pad is required for normal ductal morphogenesis. Transgenic mice displaying depletion of fat tissues are not able to sustain a full lactation process since no pups survive until weaning, thus demonstrating that mammary adipocytes are required for the onset of a normal lactation . As key actors regulating mammary gland development, adipocyte-derived cytokines (adipokines) appear to be essential. In this respect, the role of leptin is emblematic . In this project, we propose to understand how other mammary lipid-producing cells (i.e. adipocytes) can regulate these mechanisms in the MEC, in particular, through exosome signaling between the two cell types. Work to be done : primary culture of mammary adipocytes, co-culture with MEC, qPCR and western blot analyses of lactation-related genes.

Techniques mises en œuvre par le stagiaire : cell culture, qPCR, biochemistry.

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