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Effet de composé oestrogeniques sur l’expression des jonctions cellulaires dans les cellules de Sertoli

proposé par Geraldine DELBES, Centre INRS – Institut Armand-Frappier Laval Canada

Projet de stage :

Evidence has accumulated to strongly suggest a correlation between the increase of male reproductive disorders and the increased levels of endocrine disruptors in the environment. Exposures to 17-estradiol, pharmaceutical estrogen agonists, such as diethylstibestrol or ethinylestradiol, and man-made chemicals such as nonylphenol ethoxylates, have been shown to negatively impact testicular development and function. These chemicals can affect testosterone production, Sertoli cells number and function as well as the number of germ cells that are actively dividing during fetal development. Studies have shown cell-cell interactions represent critical components of development. Calcium-dependent cell adhesion molecules, such as cadherins as well as connexins can play critical role during development, cell differentiation and polarization. These molecules have been shown to be potential targets of contaminants such as tributyltin and since these are regulated by hormones, they may be targets of endocrine disrupting chemical. This study aims to elucidate the expression of cadherin throughout fetal testis development and how this can be affected by estrogenic compounds.

Techniques mises en œuvre par le stagiaire : Extraction d’ARN et protéine, qRT-PCR, western blot, Immynohistochimie

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