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Effets individuels et combinés des perturbateurs endocriniens anti-androgéniques sur le testicule humain

proposé par Bernard Jégou, INSERM - Rennes (35)

Projet de stage : After decades of very useful researches on a chemical-by-chemical basis, agencies have begun to consider cumulative risk of chemicals. This results from the fact that humans are exposed to multiples chemicals and agents of different origins. In recent years, it has become clear that, although essential for screening approaches and mechanistic studies on EDs, continuation of a focus on single chemicals is likely to underestimate risks that arise from exposure to several chemicals simultaneously, and this has motivated calls for taking account of mixture effects in risk assessment and epidemiology. However, efforts of defining real world conditions that lead to real world exposures to combinations of chemicals relevant to humans are in their infancy. With doubts cast on the relevance of the rat as a model for human effects, work with the human testis has assumed high relevance. More than 8% of all chemicals have been identified as anti-androgens, including certain phthalates, widely used as plasticizers, pesticides and various other chemicals found in food and consumer products. This is of concern because steroidal androgens are key regulators of male sexual differentiation and that disruption of androgen action may lead to a ‘testicular dysgenesis syndrome’ (TDS). The project aims at assessing the effects of individual and/or combined mixed anti-androgenic chemicals in the human testis.

Techniques mises en œuvre par le stagiaire : Organotypic culture, cell biology, molecular biology, toxicology, immunoassays, immunohistochemistry, transcriptomics.

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