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Expression and cellular localisation of novel Cancer/Testis antigens for cancer immunotherapy

proposé par Michael Primig , : Inserm U1085 IRSET ; 9 rue du Prof. Léon Bernard, 35000 Rennes

Projet de stage : Immunotherapy is arguably among the most vibrant fields in oncology. Cancer/Testis antigens have been used as targets to develop immunotherapeutical anti-cancer treatments since many years. We have carried out a large-scale GeneChip RNA profiling data analysis and validation project using one of the most comprehensive human testicular expression data sets available, in combination with the output of a very large GeneChip RNA profiling study including a wide variety of human somatic cancers (Expression Project for Oncology, expO ;, and a large number of corresponding somatic healthy control samples (Gene Omnibus). Our in silico screen identified numerous known CT antigens, genes that were previously associated with cancer progression, and many as yet poorly characterized genes. We now wish to confirm and extend the observed RNA patterns. For IQUB and FAM71B, we propose to validate the RNA profiles at the protein level using commercialized reagents. The reagents will be used to monitor protein levels using testicular sections, cultured cells, and commercially available tissue microarrays (TMAs) that contain a large number of cancer samples and corresponding healthy controls. The proposed work will characterize novel target proteins that we plan to further study and exploit in follow-up work in collaboration with Inserm-Transfert (Inserm’s patenting office), and experts in the field of immunotherapy, who are meant to assess the potential clinical impact of novel CT antigens.

Techniques mises en œuvre par le stagiaire : Protein detection by Western blotting, immunofluorescence (IF) and immunohistochemistry (IHC). Protein extraction (Western), cell culture, tissue sectioning (IF, IHC). Light/UV microscopy (Zeiss). Knowledge mining using databases (neXtProt, Human Protein Atlas, Genevestigator, TIMER, GermOnline).

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