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Towards fertility improvement in testicular cancer patients

proposé par Géraldine Delbes, Mc Gill, Canada

Projet de stage : Testicular cancer is among the most prevalent neoplastic condition in young men. With the availability in recent years of advanced diagnostic techniques and more effective combination of chemotherapy regimens, many men in the reproductive age range survive these malignancies with good quality of life. We have recently shown that the chromatin and DNA quality of the sperm samples from cancer patients both pre and post-chemotherapy, is abnormal, potentially leading to abnormal progeny outcome. We propose to test the hypothesis that in cancer patients, sperm sample quality can be improved by eliminating immotile and apoptotic sperm using gradient density and magnetic bead sorting selections. The unique insight derived from these studies should permit the establishment of biomarkers to predict sperm quality recovery and new strategies to enrich high quality sperm in infertile cancer survivors, ultimately leading to clinically relevant information that will benefit young cancer patients

Techniques mises en œuvre par le stagiaire : 1- Analyse de la chromatine des spermatozoïdes : TUNEL, COMET, Acridine orange (SCSA®) and chromomycine A3 2- Sédimentation par gradient de densité 3- MACS, FACS 4- Extraction d’ADN génomique et PCR

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